Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Registration Online 2022

Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan |   pm modi Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan online registration | Aatma nirbhar bharat,

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Registration Online
Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan

Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan

  1. Defination 
  2. Detailed description of scheme
  3. Latest update of scheme
  4. Pillars of the scheme
  5. Phases of the scheme

To change disaster into opportunities our honorable Prime Minister Mr. narendra modi has launched Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan yojana on 12 may 2020. It’s a relief package which plays an important role in this pandemic. According to this scheme government will give 12 lakh crore which is equals to 10% of the Indian GdP.

Aatma nirbhar yojana 

The aim  of  this scheme  is to make 130 cr Indians independent , so that every citizen of our country will able to fight against covid 19 , following this announcement , the finance minister, mrs. nirmal sitharaman ,through five press confress announced the details measure under the economic package.  Additionally , India has demonstrated how it rises up to challenges and uncovers opportunities therein, as manifested in the repurposing of various automobile sector industries to collaborate in the making of life saving ventilators. The clarion call given by the honorable PM to use these trying times to become aatmnirbhar (self-reliant) has been very well received to enable the resurgence of the Indian economy 

Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan new update

Pm narendra modi through video conferencing has participated in US- Indian business counseling conducted by USBI. in his speech he mentioned that  he had tried to improve our economic conditions for 6 years . Due to these improvements digitalization, innovation and policy has increased. So, to improve the prevailing turbulent economic environment and to provide a boost to the ailing economy the current government announced the Aatma nirbhar bharat abhiyan , a financial package of rs 20 lakh crore equaling to 10% of GDP.

Pillars of aatmnirbhar bharat focus on 

Unlock 1 guideline have been issued to enable resumption to economic activities while maintaining abundant caution thus allowing graded easing of restrictions 

  1. Economy 
  2. Infrastructure 
  3. System 
  4. Vibrant demography
  5. Demand 

The five phases of aatmnirbhar bharat are: 

  • Phase-1: business including MSMEs – the credit line limit is increased to 20% of the entire outstanding credit as of 29 February 2020. Business with outstanding borrowings up to 25 crore and turnover up to 100 crore are eligible for this scheme. 100% credit guarantee cover to banks and NBFCs on principal and interest. The scheme can be availed till 31 October 2020. No guarantee fee and no fresh collateral. 45 lakh units can resume business activity and safeguard jobs.
  • Phase-2: Poor, including migrants and farmers > central government to spend 3500 crore to provide free food grain supply to migrants and the benefit is also extended to 8 crore migrants and will cost RS 3500 which the centre will bear. One nation, one ration card – the ration card can be used at any ration shops across the country to avail of the rations. PM Awas yojana will be launched by the government for migrant workers and urban poor. 
  1. 50 lakh street vendors will be provided with special credit facility of RS 5000 crore 
  2. Credit link subsidy scheme has been extended till March 31, 2021. From earlier march 31, 2020. This will benefit nearly 2.5 lakh middle class families 
  3. Through NABARD, RS 30,000 working capital fund is provided by the government to help small and marginal farmers for post harvest of the Rabi crops and for the preparation for the kharif crops. Through kisan credit card (KCC) , 2 lakh crore concessional credit boost will be provided to 2.5 crore farmers .
  4. MNREGA will benefit migrant workers who are going back home. Minimum wage hiked to RS 202 per day for earlier RS 182 one India, one wage proposal is considered.
  5. Through state disaster fund, RS 11,000 crore is made available to states governments to help migrant workers and urban poor’s.
  • Phase-3: agriculture –on May 15, finance minister in her third phase announced the details of the package. 
  1. 1 lakh crore to be provided to aggregators to streathen agriculture infrastructure 
  2. RS 15000 crore has been allocated by ht government to all animal husbandry infrastructure 
  • Phase-4 new horizons of growth- on my 16 may ,finance minister in her fourth address announced  the details of the package 
  1. Covered 8 sectors – 1) coal 
  2. Management 
  3. Airports 
  4. MRO
  5. Power distribution companies 
  6. Space-ISRO ,atomic  energy 
  • Phase-5 government reforms and enablers – on May 17, finance minister announced the details of the package.
  1. National foundational literacy and numeracy mission will be launched so that every child attains level of earnings and grade 5 by the year 2025.
  2. Private companies that list NCDs on the stock exchange will not be treated as listed companies.

Finance minister announces RS 1.7 lakh crore relief package.

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