Asol Chini 2022

Asol ChiniCampaign

The Asol Chinese Campaign is for motivating people to boycott the Chini products and go for the Development of the country.

The Asol Chinese Campaign is an initiative by the Bangladesh Government for making people aware about the fake news that goes viral on social media. These days social media is playing a vital role in people’s lives. Social media is good but it has a bad impact on the world and society by flashing fake news.

Asol Chini
Asol Chini


This campaign is also for motivating people for Boycott of Chinese products, applications, brands,etc. The campaign focuses on completely kicking off the chinese products and things. The Asol is an Urdu Word which refers to Boycott.

The Asol Chinese Campaign is launched on 10th of September 2020. This campaign is for stooping the promotion of fake news on social media which impacts peoples lives in the wrong way. The fake news is harmful for everyone. 

There are some burdens or bad people in society who post fake news and ask people to promote the fake news. To stop people from promoting fake news this campaign has been launched. The fake news should be completely banned on social media is the motive of this scheme.

The indian government has also taken some initiative for the Asol Chinese Campaign, the main motive of this campaign is to boycott the chinese things and products forever. This campaign mainly focuses and motivates the Youth to stop using the chinese products and go for Indian Products, for the welfare of the country.


  • The purpose of this campaign is to make the youth aware about the Pride of the Nation.
  • This campaign aims to boycott and kick off of the chinese products.
  • The Asol Chinese Campaign focuses on bringing India a Self-Reliant nation and switching indian products.
  • This campaign’s motive is to make the youth aware about the nation’s pride and respect and promote them to go for the indian products.
  • The aim of this campaign is to promote the Development of India.
  • This campaign focuses on making people aware about the impacts of fake news on others.
  • The aim of this campaign is to stop the promotion of fake news on social media.
  • The aim of this campaign is to make India self-reliant by the innovation of new tools and techniques.
  • The Asol Chinese Campaign is for bringing togetherness between the people of india.


  • The Asol Chinese Campaign is beneficial for our nation and its pride.
  • It will help in making India self-reliant.
  • The indian innovations and ideas will be accepted.
  • The social media frauds and fake news will be stopped and finished.
  • The economy of the nation will be improved and better by using the indian products.
  • India will be developed soon by using its own products and brands.
  • The indian data and information will not be public and will be private among our nation.
  • The citizens will be connected to the nation and know about its pride and love.
  • The chinese products are harmful and are of not good quality and this campaign will avoid the use of the chinese products.


The Asol Chinese Campaign is needed due to the following reasons.

  • The Asol Chinese Campaign is needed due to the statement of chinese government.
  • To make India Self-Reliant.
  • To promote the Indian Products.
  • To stop the promotion of fake news on social media.
  • To make india dependent on indian products not on chinese products.
  • To break all the economical,social and political relations with china.
  • To show the pride of our nation.
  • To make the Indian Data safe,secure and private from China and do not make the data of our nation public.
  • To overcome the harm of chinese products.


As a part of the Asol Chinese Campaign the indian government has also taken some initiatives by banning 59 Chinese applications from play stores. The indian government banned the chinese application and proved its pride and power to china. 

Here is a list of the applications banned by the indian government as a part of the Asol Chinese Campaign.

1. TikTok

2. Shareit

3. Kwai

4. UC Browser

5. Baidu map

6. Shein

7. Clash of Kings

8. DU battery saver

9. Helo

10. Likee

11. YouCam makeup

12. Mi Community

13. CM Browser

14. Virus Cleaner

15. APUS Browser


17. Club Factory

18. Newsdog

19. Beauty Plus

20. WeChat

21. UC News

22. QQ Mail

23. Weibo

24. Xender

25. QQ Music

26. QQ News Feed

27. Bigo Live

28. SelfieCity

29. Mail Master

30. Parallel Space

31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi

32. WeSync

33. ES File Explorer

34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc

35. Meitu

36. Vigo Video

37. New Video Status

38. DU Recorder

39. Vault- Hide

40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio

41. DU Cleaner

42. DU Browser

43. Hago Play With New Friends

44. Cam Scanner

45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

46. Wonder Camera

47. Photo Wonder

48. QQ Player

49. We Meet

50. Sweet Selfie

51. Baidu Translate

52. Vmate

53. QQ International

54. QQ Security Center

55. QQ Launcher

56. U Video

57. V fly Status Video

58. Mobile Legends

59. DU Privacy

Apart from these applications India has also banned an Online Gaming Application named PUBG. This game is considered harmful for the youth and is like a barrer in the development of the nation as the youth mostly give its time to this game and is harmful for the future of the nation.

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