Atal Vardi Yojana 2022

For gain this profit for the students who are studying in government schools to open a bank account. Under this scheme provide financial assistance to students for school uniform in past years.Now this money directly transferred in students bank account for uniform. For this benefit bank account is compulsory each students.

Atal Vardi Yojana
Atal Vardi Yojana

Otherwise, student will have to lose their money from the government. According to the information. Under the Atal Uniform scheme from the government. eligible students will have to open bank accounts to get rs. 200 for sewing of two uniforms that students get in one session.

Earlier, according to the number of students of the Education Department, the budget amount of uniform tailoring was made available by the government. After this, the education department used to transfer the amount of uniform stitching to the students through the school staff, but now this will not happen.

Now te government will put the amount in accounts: Devendra

Devendra Kumar, Principle of diet Dehain said that students will have to open bank accounts to take full advantage of Atal Uniform Scheme. Otherwise, this amount will not reach students without accounts.

Objective of Atal Vardi Yojana

Following objects for the Atal Vardi Yojana. They are given in below list-

  • Encourage children for go to schools
  • Provide money to poor families for school uniforms

Benefits of Atal Vardi Yojana

Benefit of the Atal Vardi Yojana is get by students who study in government schools-

  • Free school uniforms in government schools (class 1st to 12th)
  • Free school bags (class 3rd and 6th and 9th students)

Eligibility for Atal Vardi Yojana

Eligibility for Atal Vardi Yojana is given in below list-

  • Applicants residents of Himachal Pradesh
  • Applicable students study in government schools
  • Applicable to all students of class 1st to 12th.

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