Ayushman Bharat, PMJAY, Name List, Hospital List 2022

Ayushman Bharat PMJAY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana), Ayushman Bharat, PMJAY,Name List, Hospital List 2021, Health is the most important thing for every person as “Health is Wealth”.

Every person in this world tries to keep themselves healthy. People do many things to themselves fit like exercise, Yoga or regular health checkups and they want to go to the best doctors as possible. 

Ayushman Bharat, PMJAY, Name List, Hospital List 2021
Ayushman Bharat, PMJAY, Name List, Hospital List 2021

But as we all know that India is a country where many people live under poverty and they can’t even afford basic necessities which are important for living. So, the government of India is taking steps to resolve this issue and launching many schemes, programmes and awareness camps for people. 

Government is also providing free medicines and free treatment for harmful diseases whose treatment is cannot be afforded by those people. Government is providing free health insurance to people who are living under poverty. 

This scheme is launched by Narendra Modi on 23rd September, 2018. Ayushman Bharat Yojana is also known as Pradhan Mantri Arogya Yojana. The main aim of this scheme is to help people economically vulnerable Indians who are in need of healthcare facilities.

In this scheme 50 crore citizens are covered in this insurance. This scheme has already benefited many Indians who are in great need. Now under this scheme government is planning to provide secondary and tertiary healthcare. 

According to 2019 September report, it was reported that 18,059 hospitals have been empanelled, over 4,406,461 lakhs beneficiaries have been admitted and over 10 crore e-cards have been issued. For this scheme beneficiaries will get e-card which they will use to avail services under this scheme in public or private hospitals. 

Under this scheme 3 days of pre hospitalisation expenses are also covered and also 15 days of post hospitalisation expenses are also covered to provide support to underprivileged people of the society. And not only that around 1400 treatment with all related expenses are also taken care in this scheme and the card which is provided to all beneficiaries will provide a coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs per family per year.

This all benefits are provided by government so that everyone will get proper treatment of their disease. 

As we all know that this scheme is for rural as well as urban people who are underprivileged or who cannot afford treatment of harmful diseases. And this scheme will be benefiting 10 crore families all over the nation. 

These 10 crore families comprises of 8 crores rural and 2.33 crores urban families and if it is broken into smaller pieces then 50 crore individuals will be benefited from this scheme. .

                But every scheme has its conditions, merits and demerits which are to be followed by people. But the main problem which are facing by people in rural areas are because of lack of housing, meagre income and other deprivations and in Urban it is because of occupation. 

PMJAY Rural Areas

As we all know that in rural areas most of the people do not have access to health insurance and then they borrow money from lenders for the treatment of patients.

So, this scheme also aims to get them rid to loans which they take because of the health issues which are faced by them or their family members.

So this scheme will become an aid to economically disadvantaged families as per the Socio Economic Caste Census 2011. This scheme can be avail by following people:

  1. People who belong to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.
  2. Families who do not have any male members from the age of 16 to 59 years.
  3. Beggars who can’t afford basic necessities.
  4. Families who do not have any individual whose age is between 16 to 59 years.
  5. Families who does have at least one physically challenged or able bodied adult as the member.
  6. People who work as labourers to fulfil their daily needs.
  7. Primitive tribal communities.
  8. Legally released bonded labourers.
  9. Families who do not have proper house to live in.
  10. .Manual scavenger families. 

PMJAY Urban Areas

According to national survey people who do not have access to healthcare insurance can avail this scheme. This scheme will help urban workers families in the occupational category present as per Socio Economic Caste Census. 

Any family which is already been enrolled in Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana will also be benefitted under this scheme. People who can avail this scheme are as follows:

  1. People who work as Washeman / Chowkidars.
  2. People who are Rag pickers.
  3. Mechanics, electricians, repair workers.
  4. People who are involved in Domestic help services.
  5. People all who does odd jobs such as cobblers, hawkers, plumbers, construction workers, welders etc.
  6. People who works as transportation workers. 
  7. People who works as assistant, peons etc.

Government has also clarified people who cannot avail services of this yojana are:

  1. People who own two, three or four wheelers.
  2. People who have their own mechanised farming tools.
  3. People who have kisan cards up to credit limit Rs.50000.
  4. Government servants.
  5. People who work in government managed non agricultural enterprise. 
  6. People who earn monthly income above Rs. 10000.
  7. People who own refrigerators and landlines.
  8. People with decent, solidly build houses.
  9. People who own 5 acre or more agricultural land.

PMJAY Critical Diseases List

Some diseases which are covered in this yojana are:

  1. Prostate Cancer
  2. Coronary artery bypasses grafting.
  3. Double valve replacement.
  4. Carotid angioplasty with stent.
  5. Pulmonary valve replacement.
  6. Skull base surgery.
  7. Laryngopharyngectomy with gastric pull-up.
  8. Anterior spine fixation.
  9. Tissue expander for disfigurement following burns.

PMJAY Exceptions

  1. OPD.
  2. Drug rehabilitation programme.
  3. Cosmetic related procedures.
  4. Fertility related procedures.
  5. Organ transplant.
  6. Individual diagnostics 

Medical Packages and Hospitalisation Process

The amount of Rs. 5 Lakhs is covered as insurance under this scheme. This scheme can be utilized not just an individual but also families in general.

This amount covers both the medical as well as surgical treatments in 25 specialities among which are cardiology, neurosurgery, oncology, paediatrics, orthopaedics etc. However these expenses are cannot reimburse simultaneously. 

                             If multiple surgeries are necessary the highest cost is paid in the first instance then 50% in second and 25% in third.

The cashless treatment and hospitalisation is made due to 60:40 cost sharing agreement between the centre and states. If you are a beneficiary then a health card is issued for you and your family. 

PMJAY Registration Process

There is no special process to enrol in this scheme because according to SEC 2011 those who are already involved in RSBY scheme are eligible to avail the services of this scheme. So, you can check the eligibility to become beneficiary of this scheme by following steps:

  1. Visit http://www.pmjay.gov.in/ and click on “Am I eligible”.
  2. Then beneficiary have to enter their mobile number and the CAPTCHA code and after that an OTP is generated.
  3. Then beneficiary their state and search by name / HHD numbers / ration card number.
  4. Based on the search results you can verify if your family is covered under PMJAY.

Or if you want to about the eligibility for PMJAY you can approach any empanelled Health Care Provider or dial Ayushman Bharat Yojana call centre number:  14555 or 1800-1111-565.   

PMJAY id Registration

If anybody is eligible to this yojana benefits then they will get a e-card. But before this card is issued, beneficiary identity is verified at a PMJAY office with the help of a document like your Aadhar card or Ration Card. And once verification formalities are completed then the e-card is printed with the unique AB-PMJAY id. 

PMJAY State List

PMJAY Jharkhand

This yojana will not only provide health benefits but also support person economically and financially. Around 10.74 crore people will be benefited from this scheme. In Jharkhand around 102 hospitals are included in this list. Hospitals which are involved are: 

Sadar hospital , Rajendra institute of medical sciences, CHC Anagra, CHC BERO , SDH BUNDU, CHC BURMU, CHC CHANHO, Community health centre lapung, CHC Kanke , CHC MANDAR, CHC NAMKUM, CHC ORMANJHI, CHC RATU, CHC SILLI, State doranda dispensary, Curle abdur razzapur ansari cancer institute, Maa Ram pyari ortho hospital research centre and many more. These all are private as well as public hospital which are involved in this list.


Gujarat is the top performing state under this scheme. As per the National health authority the state ranks first on all the key parameters, including number of claims and amount of claims.

The state has added over 400 additional treatments and procedures to the existing list. In this scheme 1393 procedures are already covered and now this number goes to 1805 in Gujarat.

In the state 2,690 public and private hospitals are empanelled which includes 1805 public hospitals and 889 private hospitals . Beneficiaries can now easily avail services when required and they will not face any difficulty.


Rajasthan government has launched many schemes which will support and motivate deprived people . And so state government has finally decided to implement PMJAY in Rajasthan also.

Health Minister Raghu Sharma confirmed that the Centre’s scheme will be soon implemented in state and help people who are not able to afford treatment of their disease. It will be a major scheme for people and they are getting Rs.3 lakhs health insurance in BSBY and now after implementing this scheme they will be getting Rs. 5 lakh health insurance for them and their families. Minister also said that the centre will have their own insurance scheme.


  People who belong to below poverty line will be getting an insurance of Rs. 5 lakh for them and their families and this scheme was launched in  Red Cross Bhawan and many ministers gathered in this ceremony to launch scheme which will benefit people of their state. More than 100 centres are set up in the state.

And many hospitals are also empanelled in this scheme. Beneficiary will be getting an e card which they will use at the time of treatment, whereas in any other scheme this card will cost Rs.30 . And if any person who is eligible for this scheme but not having ecard can make card on the moment.


As we all know that Bihar is known as one of the most backward states as people living there are mostly belongs to below poverty line and so this scheme will be very helpful for them as they will get proper treatment after implementing this scheme and they will also get insurance. 16 hospitals are empanelled in this scheme which will provide free health benefits to the people.

Hospitals which are involved in this scheme are Swami Vivekananda Hospital, Paras global hospital, IVF centre and many more. This all hospitals will provide free medical treatment to the people. 

And people in this state are in great need of such schemes because they are not able to afford expensive treatments. 


In Assam also this scheme is implemented and it will reduce the burden of treatment and medication as under privileged people has not been able to afford that. 

As this scheme will give Rs. 5 lakhs per family per year as a health insurance this will give support to them. Total of 1350 service are empanelled in this scheme in the state And public as well as private hospitals are also empanelled in this scheme. 

Many other schemes are also launched by Assam government but they will give insurance upto Rs. 2 lakhs and sometimes it may also cause cost in some process. 

This scheme is also providing hassle free treatment and treatment by specialists.


This scheme was launched on 25th September in the state and this will provide assistance to poor and middle class people who can’t afford proper treatment. PMJAY is the cashless and paperless. 

Two hospitals are empanelled in this scheme , namely, Tomo Riba Institute of health and medical science and Bakin Pertin General Hospital and these both are public hospitals. 

Hospitals which have at least 10 beds in their hospital are eligible to enrol in this scheme. To control costs the payment for treatment will be done on package rate. Around 10.74 people will be benefited from this scheme. 


Andhra Pradesh has also launched this scheme . And 100 hospitals are empanelled in this scheme such as Rima govt. general hospital, Area hospital , District hospital – Vijaywada, Eluru etc. these are private as well as public hospitals. 

The banner of this scheme in this state is “Ayushman Bharat NTR Vaidya Seva”. A sum of Rs. 2.5 lakhs is given to every person for them and their family member as medical insurance. 

The centre will fund 60% of the merged scheme and will cover 55 lakhs families identified eligible under this scheme according to Socio Economic Caste Census Data. 

And State government is also planning to provide this scheme to the people who are enrolled under AB-NHPM and additional funding is also given to them.


Chhattisgarh is known as one of the most backward states in India and therefore poverty is one of the major problems in the state. Chhattisgarh has launched this scheme but now state government is trying to launch their own scheme for the people of their state and so they are deciding to pull out this scheme and people who are enrolled in this scheme will be eligible for the scheme they are launching. 

They are saying that there is no need of having medical packages because they are already having entire system from medicine purchase. They are launching Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana – Universal health care scheme. 

Because before government has launched this scheme they are having their own insurance policy. 


Goa is known as the small state but this scheme will be benefiting goa residents also. In total nine government hospitals are enrolled in this scheme and they will give free medical treatment to the eligible people. Goa Governor Mridula Sinha has launched this scheme in the state.

 And banner of this scheme is “Swasthya Aapka , Saath Aapka”. In Goa this scheme will be benefiting 36,500 families. Before this scheme insurance policy which is initiated by the state was Deen Dayal Swasthya Yojana.


In Haryana 100 hospitals are empanelled in this scheme namely, District hospital of ambala, Civil hospital , DCH palwal, Ch sirsa etc. are some public and private hospitals in which beneficiaries can avail services under this scheme for their treatment. In total of 1350 treatment and procedures are empanelled in this scheme. But in Haryana fraud is also done in many hospitals. 

So, the government has also recovered a sum of 230 lakhs against the fraud done by the hospitals. Many more states hospitals have done fraud like in gujarat government recovered 55 lakhs from the hospitals for the fraud they have done. 


In this state 100 hospitals public and private are empanelled in this scheme namely, Civil hospital, Primary health centre, community health centre, Ayurvedic hospital, PGI etc. are such hospitals which provide medical assistance and provide treatment to beneficiaries. 

Many treatments and procedures are covered in this scheme and health insurance is also provided to the people who are in need. Government has taken this step to improve the conditions and the health of the people. Many people have enrolled for this scheme. 

Many families have also enrolled themselves in this scheme so that they can get proper treatment.

PMJAY Jammu and Kashmir

This scheme was launched in Jand K in September last year and state plans to benefit 30 lakhs individuals from this scheme. And the government will give them Rs. 5 lakhs health insurance for them and their families. In the state there are many people who do not afford the proper treatment and many families are living under poverty. 

But there is lack of awareness noticed in giving cards of this scheme and because of this many people who need this card are not able to enrol themselves in this scheme. 

In Jammu Kashmir 100 hospitals private and public are empanelled for this scheme. According to Socio Economic census 2011 many people are their in state who are poor and need this scheme. 


In Karnataka state government has merged this scheme with Arogya Karnataka Scheme and under this scheme many health facilities are provided to the poor and deprived people.

This scheme is made available across the government and private hospitals. But before this there is one condition which is necessary before availing services from this scheme is the health card which is provided by the government to the people who are in need. 

This is done so that people cannot misuse this scheme and only those people who genuinely need help can get it without any hassle. 

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust is implementing the scheme in Karnataka. This card is distributed to the general public based on their Aadhar Card.


Kerala is known as one of the most literate states and therefore poverty is less in comparison to other states of the country. But the government has implemented this scheme for the poor people and the aim of this scheme is to provide healthcare facilities to the people of the state. 

49 public and private hospitals are empanelled in this scheme and people will get health insurance of Rs. 5 lakhs. Name of the hospitals are THQH Tirurangadi, CHC thanur, Government hospital and many other hospitals which are listed in this scheme. 


Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India in terms of area and people. So, there are many people who live under the poverty. 

Government has decided to launch this scheme in their state also to help people of their state and many hospitals are also empanelled in this scheme such as civil hospital, Cil aasta, DH burhanpur, DH katni etc. are public and private hospitals which are providing benefits of this scheme to the people. 

Not only has this for the welfare of people government launched many schemes which will benefit people.


Maharashtra has also implemented this scheme and it will provide health benefits to their public. Many private and government hospitals are empanelled in this scheme such as Asian Noble Hospital, Garud hospital and cancer centre, Shanti orthopaedic hospital and many more are there in this list. 

Government has carefully examined beneficiary who are in genuine need of this scheme.


Manipur is the north part of the country. 10 hospitals are empanelled for the services of people. Every government want that there state public should be healthy. Healthcare facility is one of the most important aspects of today’s life. 

Names of the hospital which are enrolled for this scheme are Jawaharlal Nehru institute of medical sciences, Regional institute of medical sciences , District hospital etc. are some in the list. Government also provide Rs. 5 lakhs insurance to the people and their families to help them.


Meghalaya has also has initiated this scheme. Meghalaya government has taken a step ahead as government increases the amount of health insurance from Rs. 5 lakhs under Megha Health Insurance scheme. State government has also increased budgetary allocation by Rs. 40 crore to 100 crores to expand this new scheme. 

This scheme also aims at providing financial assistance to the people who cannot afford basic or daily necessities of their life. 


Mizoram has also initiated this scheme and 82 hospitals are empanelled under this scheme namely, Lungsen PHC, Cherhlun PHC, South Vanlalphat PHC, Tawipui PHC etc. Government aims at providing financial assistance to the underprivileged people of the society. They help them from getting rid of tension and they also provide Rs. 5 lakhs health insurance and card is also provided to every beneficiary to avail the services of the scheme.


This scheme was initiated on 23rd September 2018 for giving financial assistance to poor people. This scheme covered 2.33 lakhs households over 10 lakhs individuals in Nagaland. In state 1534 treatment and procedures are covered under this scheme. 

 This scheme provides help in serious and harmful disease which require hospitalisation. Cards have also been generated in total of 1662 pre authorization and have been announcing to Rs. 2.4 crores.


This state also initiated this scheme last year September to help deprive people of the society. 7 hospitals public and private hospitals are empanelled in scheme to help people without any hassle some names of those hospitals are Singtam District hospital , District hospital Mandan, Gyalshing hospital etc are some in the list. Insurance is provided to every beneficiary for him and his family members.


Tripura will also be adopting this scheme soon to help people. This scheme will help 3.5 lakhs people who cannot afford proper treatment because of lack of money. 

This scheme will cost Rs. 9 crores. Poor people of the state will either be benefitted from Central sponsored ayushman bharat scheme or ayushman Tripura scheme.


Tamil nadu is top listed in AB-PMJAY beneficiaries. 125.7 million Families enrolled all over India. As according to July the state enrolled 15.7 million families.

 This includes 107.4 million identified families for AB-PMJAY as per Socio Economic Census. The scheme is launched in September 2018 and it is already been reaching to millions of people all over the world. And providing health benefits to people.


Uttrakhand has also initiated this scheme and there is also a rise in the price of the medical packages which are offered by the scheme from 10 to 60 percent. 

And state government has also added 237 new treatment and procedures to the list. And because of the reputation of same medical packages 554 packages are removed by the government. 40 private and government hospitals are also empanelled in this scheme for the welfare of the people.


Uttar Pradesh government has also initiated this scheme in their state for the welfare of the people. They are also providing them with medical treatment and packages which are given in the list. 

They will provide an e card to every beneficiary so that they can avail services in the listed hospitals. This all facilities are provided by the government so that people can live a healthy life and they can also live tension free.

There are some states which does not initiate this scheme their state are Delhi, West Bengal, Telegana and Odisha. But this scheme is achieving a great rate of success in such a short span of time. In this scheme the total number of hospitals empanelled is 16,039 in which 8,059 private hospitals and 7,986 are public hospitals. 

                            The main purpose of this scheme is not only the medical benefits but is also aims at providing financial assistance and motivate people that their disease can be treated by specialists. 

There are many people in the country who can’t even afford the treatment of normal disease so how they can afford the expensive treatment and their medication costs. So, to make them rid of loans and paperwork government has initiated this scheme because it is a cashless and paperless scheme because every beneficiary will get an e-card by which they can avail services in the listed hospitals of their state. 

There are some frauds which are done by hospitals but government has charge them and took all the money they earn by doing fraud activities with government. Government nowadays is helping people in almost every aspect by launching different kinds of schemes and benefits. 


So Prime minister shri Narendra modi on the birth anniversary of pandit din dayalu padhyay with the objective of providing health insurance to economically weaker people with the objective of providing one lakh sanitation centers in the country, and for providing free treatment to more than 10 crore poor, deprived rural and urban Labor families in public and private hospitals for free treatment of rs. 5 lakh every year in public and private hospitals.

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