Delhi Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojana 2022

Delhi Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojana 2022

On Thursday Delhi chief minister Mr Arvind kejriwal government launches a free septic tank cleaning services in a bid to eradicate manual scavenging. 

Delhi Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojana 2022
Delhi Mukhyamantri Septic Tank Safai Yojana 2022

Under the chief minister septic tank, Delhi water board headed by the government of Delhi will render clean the safety tank of the people residing in the unauthorised colony free of charge.

In areas where there is not enough suitable place to hold, the septic tank of an orderly maintenance tank may cause environmental problems because the septic system requires a very large area which is not found in densely populated areas. 

Delhi chief minister Aarvind kejriwal declared the chief minister septic tank cleaning scheme He said the Delhi government will clean out the septic tank for free. For this a mobile number will be issued on behalf of govt by calling on which you will be able to clean your septic tank free. 

He is addressing Delhi media at Delhi sachivalaya for announcing the Mukhya mantri septic tank Safai yojana. 

This scheme initial for cleaning septic tanks of Delhi’s citizens for free. The Delhi government will issued a tender for hiring of an agency which would be aided by officials of the Delhi jal board and other agencies for cleaning of septic tank. Mr. Kejriwal from the Delhi government assures that tender will floated within a month. Also one helpline number will be issued soon for any queries of citizens and those people who will want this cleaning service. 

The main aim of this yojana is to ensure that those people who are forcefully working in manual scavenging trade now they do not have to put their lives at risk. According to survey, in Delhi around 1700 unauthorized colonies and around 430 colonies having sewer lines and the rest colonies people have septic tanks which is cleaned by private parties. 

The private companies and contractors engage that people’s who is not registered for that and use their lives in like these work. Also these companies are not registered for the rubbish dump the gunk in drains, contaminating in Yamuna. 

Many times people die in cleaning of septic tanks so this Yojana is a best step for making a clean Delhi and putting the ends of sewer deaths. Government plans to achieve three main objectives of this scheme– first and most important is that ensuring the safe dumping of the waste in sewerage treatment plants, a collection of waste of septic tanks from colonies and the last is the development of trained staff with safety equipment and security of their lives in cleaning of septic tanks.

Chief executive officer of Delhi jal board, Mr. Nikhil Kumar said that the work for installing sewer pipelines in the other 400 colonies in progress and the rest other colonies are equipped with septic tanks and work of installing the sewer pipelines is still in process. 

The Mukhaya Mantri septic tank yojana is established for cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks. Mr. Kejariwal has said that till now whatever Septic tank used to clean, they used to get people into it without any safety equipment. Not only this, they used to take out the debris and put it in the drain, which makes Yamuna dirty in Delhi. Under this scheme, septic tank will be cleaned for free. 

Mr. Kejariwal said that for this, the tender will be put out next month. The company which will get the tender will put up 80 of its tracks. Anyone can call and ask for a septic tank to be cleaned. Then that person will be given time according to that. The company will pick up debris from the septic tank and take it to the STB plant.

This way the work will be done in an authorized and legal manner and it will be a big step towards cleaning up Delhi. This will be a big step in cleaning the Yamuna. He said that the people who live in the raw colonies of Delhi will benefit the most from this. 

This is the great decision which is made by the Delhi government for savings the lives of sewerage workers and makes a clean Delhi which is the national capital and territory of India. Delhi is a big and very beautiful city where many tourists came for look out it’s beauty, shine that’s why it is important to clean it. 

People also give their efforts to make it clean, green and best city not only India but also in the whole world. Delhi also called pollution city because there are many companies, many colour factories and this dirty coloured water dumps in streets, colonies and most of the anabranches.

Other causes include wood-burning fires, fires on agricultural land, exhaust from diesel generators, dust from construction sites, burning garbage and illegal industrial activities in Delhi. 

As we know that sewerage problem is also a huge problem according to government average per day 3296 litres of swage is dumped in the Yamuna. Around 600 million gallons of swage per day engender but after set up swage treatment plants in Delhi, have a capacity to treat approximately 512.4 million gallons waste. 

It was a very thing for one of the fastest growing metropolitan city of India, does not have a proper sewger system and drainage disposal and Delhi was also facing the severe problems of untreated swage such that only about 55% of homes linked with a proper sewerage and the rest of the 45% of waste goes into the Yamuna river directly. But now this problem solved by Mr. Kejariwal from Delhi government. 

According to survey there were 30 sewerage treatment plants in 17 locations in Delhi out of which only 2 is working within the capacity limit and 20 are running under capacity, 5 are running over capacity and rest 3 are non- working.

 Improper and inadequate sewage treatment have affected the environment and the citizens of Delhi in many ways but now the Delhi jal board (DJB) made a plan for this problem which is Mukhaya mantri septic tank cleaning yojana.

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