Delhi Odd Even Scheme 2022 Timings, Rules in Delhi

Delhi odd even scheme, The meaning of the ode – oven scheme: – by the ode – oven scheme, it means that the last digit of the number of a personal vehicle, if an odd number is. The vehicle can run at odd number date.

Delhi Odd Even Scheme 2022
Delhi Odd Even Scheme 2022

And if the number has an even last – digit an even number, it can also be seen on the streets of Delhi on the day of the even number. And it would have to pay a fine to those who do not enforce the rule.

Control of Pollution:- through this scheme, the government wants to save Delhi from pollution, which is presently approaching a disaster.

Preparation in the Plan:- the scheme is prepared by the government of Delhi in such a way that about 200 teams of Delhi traffic police have been appointed to ensure compliance. At the same time about 5,000 civil defence volunteers have been trained to spread awareness among the people.

Creating awareness: the government of Delhi has urged citizens of Delhi to become part of the scheme to ensure that their health, the health of their children and the well – being of their families is assured. This will help in sharing, increasing friendship, connection, saving petrol and reducing pollution.

This is a scheme which was launched in Delhi under which this was mentioned that only on certain selected days private vehicles will be on the road and it depends on their licence plates.
The aim of launching this scheme was only to decrease the level of pollution in Delhi scheme was mentioned by Arvind Kejriwal the chief minister.

After implementation of rules mentioned in scheme it was noticed that odd even rules were being followed religiously. This is scheme was very beneficial to the people of Delhi and it was also said by many that now traffic on Delhi road is very less and as according to earlier they are reaching at their destinations in a very less time.

On the first day of odd even scheme approximately 2:30 challan were issued this is scheme mainly aims to reduce air pollution in Delhi as we all know how harmful and dangerous the pollution is for us many types of diseases caused just because of the pollution in our environment.

When the scheme was launched at that time two wheelers and electric vehicles for only allowed and the persons who have a problem or a disabled physically were allowed.

At that time approximately 30 types of vehicles were exempted including all VIP approx 600 teams of Delhi traffic police were river news at that time for the strict implementation of the scheme all over the city. 

At that time all citizens were happy with that step and they said that at least one of the Minister is working towards crisis of pollution and it was also making understand to some of the pupils which were not happy by this scheme that the government is doing this all not for creating any drama it is only for making clean atmosphere of Delhi so that pollution level should decrease and the problems which are arising because of pollution reduced it has become difficult to take breath at that time because of dirty atmosphere.

Some of the rules that were implemented under the scheme are as follows:

1. It was said that cards with Even Numbers will be allowed on the road on this day and with odd number will be allowed on the next day.

2. Alternate days were selected for the cars with even number and Odd which should surely be followed by everyone.

3. Chalan of rupees 4000 was selected to be charged in the case person is not following the rule earlier the charge was rupees 2000.

4. This is scheme was applicable from 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday the scheme was not implemented.

5. Only two wheeler alone women drivers and private school vehicles for exempted during odd even scheme.

6. during odd even scheme Ola and Uber drivers had deactivated Surge pricing.

These words some of the very important rules which were implemented in odd even Delhi scheme these rules must be followed by everyone in Delhi city the government has done the soil for the public of Delhi which was very necessary at that time to do traffic police who became the very strict at that time which was beneficial for Delhi citizens this is scheme was turned in a very good step which was taken by government of Delhi.

Under this scheme relation between people were also formed by sharing the vehicles climate change export has said at that time that air quality has improved but not in that much level at that many of trained civil defence volunteer over also found it for creating awareness and help to traffic police when this scheme was launched earlier for 2 time CNG vehicles were allowed but at that time CNG vehicles were not allowed.

Under this scheme that you restore which are coming in Delhi should be aware about the scheme commercial vehicles including buses and cab running are exempted from that scheme.

This is scheme was launched on the occasion of 550 birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

This entire scheme is based on trust which is said by Arvind Kejriwal.

According to me this scheme would be more beneficial if it should be followed more strictly. Women’s and children’s would also not be exempted.

Government has literally portal a lot of efforts towards scheme and also the citizens have supported.

This is scheme was beneficial in many times but as we all know that everything has advantages and disadvantages both in that many problems were also faced by the citizens of Delhi in a case they have an emergency at that point we can’t go because of the rules mentioned under the scheme but it has benefited also level of traffic was less in much amount and little bit of pollution control is also observed this was the third time that scheme was launched again.

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