Kerala Ration Card List 2022, Kerala BPL List 2022

Kerala BPL Ration Card List 2019, Kerala BPL List 2019

Poverty is not only about money, it also affects the person mentally and physically. 

Kerala Ration Card List
Kerala Ration Card List

Because if a person will not get the basic necessities such as food, clothes and shelter then he may not be able to survive and if he survives he will continue living in poverty because he will not be able to work as he does not have enough energy to work. 

So, poverty is not the problem of one country or one state it is their in whole world but the thing that matters is how government is taking efforts to improve the conditions. 

                     Every state government has initiated different schemes to help BPL people and so does the government of Kerala also takes some of the major steps to help BPL people and they have also successfully achieve their targets. 

BPL people mostly live in rural areas and most of them are from scheduled tribes and castes. 

                   As per the record, in 2011-12 Kerala was having 11.3% of BPL population in the state. 

But since Kerala is having highest percentage of literate population government has taken major steps to educate BPL people and not only this government has helped in health care, pension schemes, public distribution system and many such schemes to help BPL people. 

And by initiating such schemes government has successfully decline the rate of percentage of BPL people in state. 

                 Every government has some parameters to determine BPL families and it may differ from state to state. 

Kerala government has set seven parameters to determine BPL families and they are as follows:

  1. Only one room with “kacha” walls and “kacha” roof.
  2. No adult member between the ages of 16 and 59.
  3. Female headed house with no adult male member between age 16 and 59.
  4. SC/ST households.
  5. No literate member above age 25.
  6. Landless member and they should earn some money by doing casual labour work.

According to data of 2011-12 , the total population of kerala is 76.99 lakhs and out of which 63.19 lakhs lives in rural areas and out of this rural population 19.16 lakhs people are living in poverty.  

But regardless of all this numbers government of kerala has taken such initiating steps that they are able to eradicate poverty fully from their state and Kerala has become the first poverty-free state. 

                  Nava Keralam Karma Padhathi(NKKP) :  

This is the new initiative taken by the government of Kerala . In this scheme the government has implemented in four innovative missions in the state for the benefits of the vulnerable sections . And the four missions are as follows : Haritha Keralam,  Aaardram, Life and education Rejuvenation.

  •  “Haritha Keralam”  is an environment friendly approach . this mission is focusing on organic farming , water conservation and waste management . 
  • “Aaaedram”  this mission is focusing on the healthcare of the people. This mission is dealing with the health problems which are facing by the people these days.
  • “LIFE” (Livelihood inclusions and financial empowerment) this mission aims to provide safe and secure house for all landless and homeless family.
  • “Education Rejuvenation” this mission aims to take forward the state from universalisation of education to modernisation of education with smart classrooms, digital libraries.

All these steps are taken to improve the condition of weaker section of society who can’t afford to have basic necessities for them and their families. And Kerala is the state which have achieved 100% results by eradicating poverty from their state.

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