Madhya Pradesh BPL List 2022, Madhya Pradesh Ration Card List

Madhya Pradesh Ration Card List 2019, Madhya Pradesh BPL List 2019

Madhya Pradesh is the biggest state in the country and it is the fourthpoorest state of India. And “Alirajpur” district of Madhya Pradesh is the poorest district because it is highly tribal dominated area with large forest area due to which the district has remained poor. 

Madhya Pradesh BPL List 2020
Madhya Pradesh BPL List 2020

MLA Madho Singh Dawar said that “There are many reasons of poverty in India but three factors which affect the poverty most are Malnutrition is the largest contributor for poverty as it is responsible for 28.3% poverty. 

Education is the second largest contributor in poverty and lack of clean drinking water and child mortality is the third largest factor which affects poverty.” 

Every government launches some schemes for the welfare of the poor people and to improve the conditions of the society. 

And so does Madhya Pradesh government launches some schemes which are as follows:

  1. Mukhyamantri teerth darshan yojana :

Every senior citizen wishes to go religious places so the government of the state has taken serious initiative to help senior citizens to visit pilgrimage of their choices as stated by the government.

  1. Beti Bachao Abhiyan:

This initiative is taken by the government because of the declining sex ratio in the state.

The Chief Minister himself visited several places to meet people and motivate them to stop the abnormal practices which are carried on by people.

  1. Laadil Laxmi Yojana:

This scheme was started in 2006 with an objective to lay a strong foundation of girl’s future through improvement in their educational and economic status.

In this scheme every girl will get National Saving Certificate worth Rs. 6000 

and government will give this sum of money until Rs.30000 received by every girl.

  1. Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana:

This scheme is launched by Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

This scheme is to provide financial help to poor families for marrying their daughters/widows.

And Rs.15,000 Is given for household expenses and mass marriage 



People of Madhya Pradesh can also see their name on Ration Card online. 

As we all know that ration card is helpful in getting ration at low prices.

People who are having income of less than 1000/- per year comes under BPL families.

And the colour of their ration card is blue.

AAY families are those who are poorest of poor and their card colour is yellow and they will get ration at very subsidised rate.

Any person can avail food grains from ration card as fixed by the government per person.

This scheme is launched by government because 

people who can’t afford food at market price can avail at subsidised rate.

For applying online they have to fill the form in which details of their 

income, village and personal details have to be filled by the beneficiary. 

They can also add a new member in their ration card online.  

But Madhya Pradesh is the state where poverty is kept increasing although it is the state which is having largest area and highest population.

Madhya Pradesh is having a total population of 2.34 crores in which 33% of people are living under poverty in the state.

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