Mizoram BPL List 2022, Mizoram Ration Card List 2022

Mizoram BPL List 2019, Mizoram Ration Card List 2019

Mostly all knows that BPL is a type of ration card which is issued for the poor families of the state it is and legal document which is used in various important Works Department of food, civil supplies ,and consumer affairs of the Government of Mizoram issued a BPL card to the resident of Mizoram which are eligible for it.

Mizoram BPL List
Mizoram BPL List

BPL card allows the holder to obtain all the benefits given by government to Poorest families for example a lot of schemes, household material in a subsidised price.

BPL cards are yellow in colour issued to families whose annual income is as described by Mizoram government.

Some of the benefits of having BPL card

As we know, that the first motive of issuing BPL cards to family is to provide food material like grains, kerosene etc  to them in a very subsidised price, as we are noticing that the price of food material is increasing day by day but poorest families are not able to purchase them that’s why government provide them essential material in a very subsidised price so that at least they can live nutrition life.

Eligibility required to get BPL card in Mizoram 

1. Application should be a permanent resident of Mizoram.

2. That application should not be in a possession of a ration card.

3. Age of the application should be 18 or more.

4. New married couple who had arrived in Mizoram can apply.

5. Annual income of applicant should be  less than 10,000.

6. Applicant should not hold four wheelers.

Some documents required for BPL card which are as follows:

1. Address verification is required for example: electricity bill or water bill etc. 

2. Identification proof of the applicant is needed for example Aadhar card voter ID card.

3. Certificate of income of the applicant is needed.

4. Photograph of family group is required.

5. Information about family should be submitted.

Government of Mizoram has launched the steam named AAY (antyodaya Anna Yojana) under which BPL families were provided 35 Kg rice at price rupees 3 per kg. This scheme has targeted those poor families which do not have even to time meals per day under which mostly widows old age citizens were selected which are not able to earn anything.

Around 57,000 BPL families are found in Mizoram state which are still below the poverty line that’s why Mizoram government has provided them benefit by launching schemes some are as follows:

Mizoram government launched scheme name basic service to urban poor in which several housing complexes were constructed for economically weaker section of the society.

BSUP scheme includes various projects like providing shelter, basic services and other essential thing to provide basic utilities to the urban poor.

Schemes named public utility and liquid waste disposal lines were introduced in Mizoram a public utility consists public shed clean toilets drinking water points etc. The small range between private houses were constructed that disposal waste gateway to go in public drains.

These are just one or two schemes a lot of things are launched by Mizoram government to reduce the poverty level and to provide needed things to poorest families that they can earn their livelihood.

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