MP Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2022

MP Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2022, MP Bakaya Bijli bill mafi Yojana 2022

If an electricity bill is an excuse for the people we would like to tell you which is an electricity connection in the name of any unorganised worker or any member of BPL family the entire back balance bill will be waived.

MP Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2022, MP Bakaya Bijli bill mafi Yojana 2022
MP Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Sambal Yojana 2022, MP Bakaya Bijli bill mafi Yojana 2022

All registered workers and b.p.l.ed workers the outstanding bills of the total (rupees 5179 crore) of the month June 2018 shall be waived on the domestic composition of holders. 

Along with this bill will be issued a certificate of apology. The registrar number and the overall id to the beneficiary. No. Bill has been issued. Card number should be filled in the application form. 

Registered workers need not submit Xerox copy of registration certificate. Eligible beneficiaries can submit their representations in the nearest office of the station for power distribution. 

In Madhya Pradesh scheme named bakaya Bijli bill mafi was launched by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan under this scheme BPL families and the families which are unable to pay the amount of Bill was selected to provide benefit to them amount of rupees 200 was selected when more than hundred unit is used per month.

This scheme was very beneficial for BPL citizens the aim of government to launch scheme was to give some relief to BPL and to encourage those people to pay their particular bill at proper time by launching this is scheme a good change was noticed towards this because of getting relief in amount of Bill the bill has been started paid on a proper time.

From the “chief minister outstanding electricity bill waiver scheme” under the government of Madhya Pradesh, now registered Labour force of the state and b. p. l. Citizens will get benefits.

The scheme would also cover all consumers who are registered with sections 126, 135 and 138 of the electricity act by the power distribution company. If the name of the eligible beneficiary is inclusive of idr. Inscribed as a family member of the electricity consumer in 1999, he will be given the benefit of the chief minister’s outstanding electricity bill waiver scheme 1999.

Some eligibility in which is required are as follows:

  • That person should be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh.
  • That person should come under BPL.
  • Important documents should be submitted.
  • Age of that person should be more than 18.

Some of the documents which are required for applying are as follows:

  • Identification proof of that person.
  • The bill of bijili should be submitted.
  • Residential proof of the person.
  • BPL card of that person or ration card should be submitted.
  • Photo copies of some important documents are also required.
  • Passport size photograph.

There is also known procedure of obtaining the benefits of the system which is as follows

  1. The person has to go in the cam which held between the month of July to August.
  2. The person should attend that camp with their documents.
  3. A particular form is filled under which all the information should be filled in a proper described manner.
  4. After filling form the photocopies of all the important documents required should be submitted with that form.
  5. If the information we have provided is correct after procedure you will obtain the card through which you can obtain all the prophets which are provided by government and that scheme.
  6. In a case information you have provided is wrong then our application will be cancelled.

Under this scheme if the bill of the person comes more than 200 person will pay an amount of 200 but in a case will is less than 200 at that point an exact amount of Bill which comes have to pay. Under this approximately 75 to 78 lakh people were benefited.

Some benefits of this scheme are as follows:

  • On the amount of rupees 200 will be paid by that family.
  • Under the scheme free light connection will be provided.
  • Through this scheme poor people can get electric connection and light at their homes in free of cost.
  • If there comes more than 200 at that point also they will pay rupees 200.
  • With the help of this scheme, the state government wants to electrify the poor people of the state so that they can use bulbs, television and fans.
  • The electricity bill is being camp at the wardo by the electricity company for applying the people under the simple scheme. Information is being provided to the people.

As we all know that now everything has become online now you can also apply for obtaining benefits of this scheme online also which is very beneficial now you don’t have to stand in Big lines or in a rush now you can apply by sitting at your home you have to fill the application form online and have to attach the transparent copies of the documents which are required to be attached.

 Not only apply you can also check your name in the list of beneficiaries of this scheme very easily online that your name is on the list or not.

As we have read that how beneficiaries the scheme is poor citizens if we know any poor people which are eligible for this scheme but don’t know about that scheme we should make them aware about how we can help them a little bit by doing this.

Government am of launching this is only to provide some benefits to poor people so that the level of water should decrease at some level and they will got some of the help to earn their livelihood bi implementation of this scheme at least they can now sleep in fans in Summertime.

Madhya Pradesh population was very happy by this is scheme poor people were benefited a lot government of Madhya Pradesh launch this is scheme under which lack of families got the electricity connection and because of discount and will they use electricity for their comfort ability as per we all know that because of high bill amount poor people’s don’t use tube light

Friends but now after launching of this scheme they can use it many families from BPL are also there with don’t even have in connection of light in their houses but now they can have it free of cost which was very beneficial for them.

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