Nagaland BPL List 2022, Nagaland Ration Card List 2022

Nagaland BPL List 2019, Nagaland Ration Card List 2019

As per we know BPL is a multi purpose legal document so which a holder is able to take advantage of the subsidies schemes launched by Nagaland government.

Nagaland BPL List
Nagaland BPL List

In Nagaland and food and service sector targeted Public Distribution system is launched under which particular amount of food grain will be provided for targeted population in subsidised price.

The main motive of Nagaland government to issue new BPL card is to eliminate the duplicate BPL cards which have taken BPL card by illegal methods to obtain its profits no new BPL cards have been issued so that the eligible citizens which were not having earlier should have now and obtain the profits of the schemes with governments is launching for them.

BPL card use

As we all know that BPL card is an important legal document it is used as our address and identity proof under all government sectors aur official work.

BPL card is used to purchase ration in a subsidised price Nagaland BPL card holder obtain profits of government schemes through this poorest families  got benefits.

Eligibility for BPL card in Nagaland

1. The person who apply should be a permanent resident of Nagaland.

2. That person should not have any other type of ration card in that state or in another state.

3. Age of the person must be more than 18 or 18.

4. Head of the family can apply for the BPL card.

5. DAV annual income should be less as described by Nagaland government.

Documents needed to apply for BPL card:

1. Identification proof address proof is needed.

2. Photo of that person and the whole family is required.

3. Birth date certificate should be submitted.

4. Annual income certificate is also needed.

Government of Nagaland has launched the schemes named Swasthya Bima Yojana it is a Health Insurance under which BPL citizens have to pay a nominee fees of rupees 30 after that their name will be registered in this team government provides upto rupees 30,000 in hospitalization expenses.

Another motive of tdps in Nagaland is to work through a network of fair price shops. Now, the government has issued the licence to the shops which gives a fair price to the people holders so that the corruption Should be less know the government has provided the display of all the necessary information on the notice board.

Now for stopping corruption in Nagaland food and civil supplies officers and administrative officers which do checking of fair price shops under which quantity and quality of store supplies are checked.

Many actions are taking place in Nagaland against the leakage redistribution of food.

Some schemes launched by Nagaland government for BPL holders are as follows:

1. Indira Gandhi National old age pension scheme was launched by Nagaland government under which 300 per person is provided to BPL citizens these category of People need to be covered under the social assistance programme so that the poverty level will be reduced.

2. Nagaland government has launched some skill and educational schemes so the poor can obtain the profit of that scheme and be capable of earning.

3. Annapurna scheme was launched under which menu Apoorva benefited under this words are provided 10 kg of food grains by the government per month free.

4. Nagaland government launched MW act minimum to ensure that the workers should be provided wages so that at least he and his family lead a healthy life.

5. Not only these schemes but many more schemes launched for the benefits of BPL so that they can improve their level of Living.

6. BPL citizens can purchase their daily household thing in subsidized price.

Nagaland government has done a good level of improvement towards BPL.

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