Navinya Purna Yojana 2022

This scheme is implemented by District Animal Husbandry Office (Zilla Parishad). Strengthening of District Animal Husbandry Officer Under Xerox, Computer, Computer Stationery, Computer Accessories, Fax, Scanner, AC. Etc. There is a provision for. This scheme is implemented under all general and tribal deployment.

Navinya Purna Yojana
Navinya Purna Yojana

Under this scheme there is provision for organizing infertility prevention camps in livestock. This will add to the financial income of the animal parents. The veterinary institutions have provisions for the purchase of cold boxes to keep the vaccine cold chain intact.

There is provision for expenditure on machinery, equipment purchase and procurement and construction for veterinary clinics. State-level veterinary institutions are constructed and expanded under the strengthening and expansion of artificial insemination centers as well as basic village centers.

There is provision for making salary and allowances and infrastructure of officers and staff of veterinary dispensaries as per the norms set by the Veterinary Council of India.

Its all benefit for animals following benefits given in below list-

  • Help the helpless animals
  • Get them treated
  • Sending stray animals to the animal center
  • Provide Medicines and treatment to animals

Under this scheme get helps to all animals as like cow and dog and goat etc. This is facility for helpless and stray animals.

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