NRC Documents, NRC: You Need to Know Everything About NRC

What is NRC? What is full form of NRC?

Full form of NRC: NRC short form of National Register of Citizenship.

What is nrc act?

People confess, because our leaders lecture different on different place. Common men think what is happening.

NRC Documents
NRC Documents

Our Prime Minister says something else today, said something else yesterday. Other leaders of the same party are giving some other knowledge. All the leaders are giving new speeches. This makes the common citizen unable to understand what is happening.

But, Today I collect some important information about CAA and NRC, you can read here.

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National Register of Citizens (NRC)

 The NRC is national register of citizens in India. Its maintain by Indian Government for register of citizens. All details of people as like any proof of they are citizen of India. Its information for identification of  Indian. Now this register is made for country in future. However on 20th November 2019. This is declared by our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah during season of Parliament Delhi. NRC provide a reasonable assurance of protection to national civilians.  

The NRC law is identify foreigners and Indians, who are lived illegally in India they are foreigners.

Assam is the first state for applying this rule of NRC. Its presently living who have permanent residence within state. This act is carried out in 1955. In Assam it is part of national registered of citizen. Legal contain of the names of all persons who names are appeared in the electoral rolls.

List of Documents Required for NRC

What documents are required for NRC? List of Documents Required for NRC
  1. Electoral roll (up to 24 March 1971, midnight)
  2. Land and tenancy records
  3. Court records
  4. Any Government issues certificate or license
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Citizenship certificate
  7. Permanent residential certificate
  8. Any post office and Bank accounts and LIC policy
  9. Refugee registration certificate
  10. Board/ university educational certificates
  11. Government service or employment certificates
  12. 1951 NRC
  13. Ration card
  14. Any legally acceptable documents
  15. GP secretary/ circle officer certificate in case of married women.

NRC: You Need to Know Everything

We have already written in Hindi language about NRC complete information.

You may also read question and their answers in Hindi font.

This is trending Indian event which will implement next.

People doubt about documents to prove themselves as Indian citizen.

Some month ago, NRC was applicable in Assam state.

Govt of India ask to submit their proof of citizenship before 24 March 1971, but other state people will worry about.

Govt department of census, officers give a hint that procedure of documents of proof will more easy if nrc will allow to other states of India.

NRC is a procedure of citizenship, nothing else.

But govt brings CAA act and not added some religion in CAB Bill.

People think that NRC will go on same way, but not.

More flexible and different rules for NRC according to confirm source of media.

Some government body says that don’t worry about nrc, because document process of nrc will easy and any documents can show to prove as you are Indian.

The NRC Registration: Online or Offline?

Every citizen should know about this procedure. This will complete online web based registration as you had done for Aadhar Card.

After completing and prove that you’re an Indian citizen, you may provide a citizenship card.

This citizenship card can show you are an Indian and stay anywhere in India without worry.

This content is being updated so please wait for more latest news about the NRC.

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