Odisha BPL List 2022, Odisha Ration Card List 2022

Odisha BPL List 2019, Odisha Ration Card List 2019

As we all know that BPL card is a very important multipurpose document which allows the poorest families to obtain goods at subsidised price through Public Distribution System (PDS) 

In Orissa BPL card are issued by supplies and consumer welfare, department of food. 

Odisha BPL List
Odisha BPL List

Now, new BPL cards are issued in Manipur because many duplicate cards were issued earlier so now Odisha Government has eliminated that card and issued new through which families can obtain benefits which they deserve.

As you know that BPL card is one of the most important legal documents, which is used as our identity proof and four address verification also.


For issuing BPL card in Odisha application should satisfy the following needs:

1 application should be a permanent citizen of Odisha.

2 applicants should not have BPL card in any other state.

3 annual income should be less than 10000

4 any member of the family should not be a doctor, engineer, architect, etc.

Documents required are as follows: 

1. Identification proof and address proof is required.

2. Passport size photograph of family group.

3. Certificate of income of the applicant.

4. Bank passbook is required.

5. Date of birth proof should be submitted.

Many benefits are given by Odisha Government so that forest families can improve their level of Living.

Various number of schemes has been launched by Odisha Government some are as follows: 

1. Pradhanmantri gram Sadak Yojana:

This is scheme has been launched to benefit poorest families many of the villagers are benefited under this scheme so that their lives become easier many of roads have been built which conducts various rural areas Two Cities.

2. Prime Minister rural development Fellowship scheme:

The Prime Minister rural development Fellowship scheme is implemented to provide short-term support so that there is some help on their livelihood.

3. Sampurna Grameen Rojgar Yojana:

The sampurnGraminRojgarYojana was launched to provide employment to the family is come under BPL list and this food was also provided to BPL families so that they can improve their nutrition level.

4. Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan: 

This Yojana was launched to benefit the children of BPL families under which the children between 6 to 14 years have received the opportunity to get free education government of Odisha will share the expense.

As we have read that Odisha Government had provided many schemes for BPL citizens so that they can make some changes in their life life becomes a little bit easier.

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