PM Kisan Pension Yojana 2022 Open Account

PM Kisan Pension Yojana 2022 for farmers and give them Rs. 3000 per month. This scheme is launched by PM Narendra Modi for small traders and self employee. This scheme is providing minimum amount to them as pension. Employee and traders after attaining the age of 60 years.

PM Kisan Pension Yojana 2022

PM Kisan Pension Yojana 2022 Open Account
PM Kisan Pension Yojana 2022 Open Account

Food is the most important necessity of everyone’s life. And India is a country where most of its people are involved in farming. Farming is not an easy job to perform as it requires proper efforts and knowledge about different types of crops and seasons.

So, farmers put their whole hearted efforts so that no harm can be caused crops. Farmers work in fields no matter what the season is but sometimes they got exploited by rich lenders because sometimes they are not having proper funding and because of that they take loan from money lenders at high rates and this will create a major problem for them in future.

And as we all know that India is the state where major population of this country is involved in farming and not only is this major part of national income also emerging from farming. So, the government is also responsible for their welfare because some of the farmers of this country are not been able to fulfil their basic necessities which are food, clothes and shelter.

Government has initiated many such schemes in which poor people or BPL category people will get free education, medical facilities, health insurance, basic needs in less price and many more. This all steps are taken towards to eradicate poverty in our country. 

So, now the government has also started some welfare schemes for farmers so that they can fulfil their and their family’s basic necessities. Government is now loans, insurance, pension schemes for people who are involved in farming. This scheme is also launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the supervision of Agriculture department on 12TH September. Under this scheme, farmers will receive a monthly pension of Rs.3000 to those who attain age of 60 years.

In this scheme men and women can equally take part and both husband and wife both can register for this scheme but then they have to contribute the sum of money individually and then they will get individual pension after attain the age of 60 years.

This scheme is launched for all small and marginal farmers who are facing problems because of money. Because of this scheme 5 crore small and marginal farmers will be benefitted.

Prime Minister not only launches this scheme for farmers but because of this scheme Traders and self employed people will also be benefitted. This scheme not only provides financial benefits to farmers but it is also indirectly helping In the development of country because farmers are also a part of our economy. 

India is an agricultural country. 80 per cent of the population lives in the villages, whose main occupation is agriculture and occupation. But, cultivation depends on the monsoon, which is termed a sort of gambling.

This has also a close relationship with the fortunes of the cultivators. Hence, the Prime Minister Kisan pension scheme is the source of a straw that has been so overpowering that the farmer has no happiness

Government will invest Rs.10774.50 crore in first three years to make this scheme successful. Some features of this scheme are as follows:

  1. This scheme is voluntary and contributory pension scheme for farmers.
  2. Farmers will have to contribute Rs.100 per month.
  3. People who belong to the age group of 18 to 40 years will be eligible to enrol themselves in this scheme.
  4. Minimum pension amount which farmers will get is Rs.3000 after attaining the age of 60 years.
  5. This scheme is managed by LIC and it is responsible for all pension payout.
  6. If beneficiary will die then his/her will be eligible to get the pension amount.
  7. If beneficiary will die at the time of contributing amount them his/her spouse can contribute money.
  8. A farmer can also pay his monthly contribution by registering through Common Service Centres.
  9. For submitting any complaints there will be online grievance system which will be created for making this process transparent.


Beneficiary will receive the sum of 6000 per annum per family and is payable in three equal instalments. And these instalments will directly be credited in bank account which is mentioned by beneficiary. The first instalment which was given to all beneficiaries was in FY 2018-19.

Beneficiary have to submit the registered proof of name, age, gender, category, aadhar number, bank account number, IFSC code and land ownership.


There are some exclusions i.e. these people are not eligible to avail the benefits of this scheme:

  1. All institutional Land holders.
  2. Farmer families in which one or more of its members belong to the fallowing category:
  1. Former and present holders of essentials posts.
  2. Former and present Ministers / state ministers and former member of any constitutional assembly members or district panchayat members.
  3. In central and state government all serving, or retired officers and employees. 
  4. All persons who paid income tax in the last assessment year.
  5. Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, CA or professional bodies who are undertaking practices.


The state and UT governments will certify the eligibility of the beneficiaries based on the self declaration made by them at the time of registration. This declaration can be made by any adult member of the family not necessary that these declarations should be made by beneficiary.

But if self declaration is found to be incorrect the beneficiary shall be liable for recovery of transferred financial benefits and other actions that can be taken against beneficiary by government.

Government has initiated 2,00,000 centres all over the country. In those centres people can register themselves in this scheme. Government also have target of benefitting 1 crore farmers in a year all over the country. Farmers can fill application form online easily by their Aadhar card and Bank Account number.

After successfully completing the application process a unique pension number card is generated and by this card farmers will be eligible for the pension scheme. But farmers have to give full details about their farms, mobile numbers, name etc. Correctly. Many states have adopted this scheme and some of them are as follows.


Jharkhand is one of the backward states and many people are involved in farming in this state.  So state government has decided to take steps for the welfare of farmers. Government will provide monthly pension of Rs.3000 after beneficiary will attain the age of 60 years.

Farmers have to contribute Rs.100 per month. And pension card has been issued to every beneficiary because after that only beneficiary can avail pension. Every state wants development and overall development will only be possible if all the people of the state are involved in it.

  1. HARYANA :

Haryana has also adopted this scheme for the welfare of the people of the state. In Haryana over 14 lakhs farmers register themselves in first month and out of that 28% farmers has registered themselves in this scheme. The government has also set a target to cover more than 1 crore farmers.

This scheme targets to bring in 5 crore small and marginal farmers within the age group of 18-40 years in next three years. The people who enrol themselves in this scheme are 35% women’s. No fee is charged for the registration in this scheme.. Only six states Jharkhand, Odisha, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

  1. ODISHA :

Odisha has also adopted this scheme and have taken steps for the welfare of small traders, traders, farmers. And over 1 lakh people of this state are registered under this scheme. And Odisha is one of the top six states which have registered the highest number of beneficiaries in the country. Government will give Rs. 3000 to per eligible beneficiary of the age of 60 years. Farmers have to contribute Rs. 100 monthly for availing the benefits of this scheme.

  1. BIHAR:

Bihar is one of the most backward and poor states. In Bihar there are mostly people who are either involved in farming or are small traders and they are not even able to manage expenses of their daily living. So, the government decided to initiate this scheme to help farmers or small traders of age 60 years . Government will provide them a monthly pension Rs.3000 per month.


Uttar Pradesh is one of the top six states in which the highest number of farmers is registered under this scheme. Uttar Pradesh government has taken initiative in this scheme so that they can develop their state and provide people with some financial help. More than 1 lakh farmers will be benefited in the state under this Yojana. There is some eligible criteria which is set by the government for the people who can avail this scheme. And beneficiaries also have to contribute a sum of Rs.100 per month to avail pension from this scheme.


Chhattisgarh is also in the list of top six states who have the highest number of people registered themselves for this scheme. In the state farmers are very happy because they will get some type of financial assistance. Farmers will get a fixed amount of pension monthly after attaining the age of 60 years and they also have to contribute Rs.100 per month to avail this scheme. 


This scheme is even applicable in J and K as we all know that condition of J and K is not normal and therefore people living in that area are also facing some problems financially. People in this state are also involved in farming and so they will also be eligible to get benefits of this scheme. The conditions and rules are the same for this region also. 


Rajasthan government has also initiated this scheme in their state also to help people who are eligible. In Rajasthan also many people are involved in farming and they are not been able to fulfil their basic needs because of lack of money and so the government has taken initiative to help and give financial assistance to farmers. The conditions and rules are the same as given by the central government. 

In all the states which have initiated this scheme is following the same guidelines as given by the Central Government. And under this scheme 7, 85,264 farmers register themselves.

The farmers who are having 2 hectare land will be eligible for this scheme. Government is taking many steps towards generating income for farmers because farmers are putting their efforts for all the people living in the country but because of the middlemen and moneylenders they left with nothing in their hand.

So, the government has decided to take some steps for the income of farmers and that’s why the government is initiating so many schemes so help farmers.

The main aim of this scheme is to double the income of farmers.  According to the guidelines of government if any farmers want to withdraw his sum of money in between can withdraw without any hassle. 

If beneficiary will die then his/her spouse is eligible to get 50% pension amount. And farmers have to contribute the sum Rs. 55 to 200 according to their age. Government has fixed a fixed amount which will be contributed by each beneficiary according to age like 19 years beneficiary has to contribute Rs. 58, 20 years Rs.61, 21 years Rs.64, and 22 years Rs.68 and so on. Not only aiming

Registration of this scheme can be done by filling online application form or by visiting centres which are located nearby. After checking all the required documents and attaching those with form and farmers have to submit all his personal information correctly. Government genuinely wants to help those people who are in great need of financial assistance but sometimes many fraud cases are registered because people try to cheat the government.

If the government is providing so many schemes and that to flexible schemes then people should not do fraud with government.

These all schemes are not only aiming of giving financial assistance to farmers but these all schemes are also aiming in development of country because development is not only possible alone and farmers are a big part of our country so without them development is not possible.

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