Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana 2022 Application Form

Today, everyone needs job or work. It is the biggest situation, not only in India, but also around the world is same situation, because the main source of income is shortage and demand of job is increasing dramatically.

We talk about India, because we are Indian and our country face this situation. There are many reasons like political leader’s agenda and campaign of self advertisement more than actual work, anyway many people loses their jobs day by bay and other hand new youth stand in queue for job.

The main reason of job loses or lack of work is business down or small and medium business not working property as it had in past time.

Another reason is property education and guidance, our parent teach us to do service, means be worker or servant, it doesn’t matter you are servant of government or private sector, but your life will become as a servant not as businessman. So our parents should change their mind and teach their children, go and do business, be a businessman. You know a businessman can the richest, also see the list of richest people of world if you don’t believe.

Now, our prime minister is doing work in this direction, but I’m not satisfy because many reasons are…

Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana is a changing point of your life if you understand about it.

Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana is basically loan scheme, OK. There are many criteria, you have to follow. It is not easy to get loan. You can apply for loan under many scheme of PM like swarojgar yojana, Mudra yojana, skill development India etc.

Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana is one of them, you can get 1 lakh to 10 lakh Indian Rupees to start your own business or self job.

You can be self employee and work from home, independent work so decide your own flexible time and schedule, no matter how do you do, but you have to hard work to settle your well business.

Some important Prime Minister schemes you have to read about it. It is a list of active scheme here.

Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana

Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana is game changing scheme in employment industry. Youth needs job, some of them need government job, but the central government intend to provide loan to start a small self business.

Self business is not possible everywhere, because the situation, environment and opportunity is not equal across country. Village youth needs more help, because they have not opportunity and financial support. So Youth study hard and hard to grab government job anyhow, Now a days government jobs are less than demand, but government don’t like to offer government job.

There are many reasons, anyway the main point is start your own business if you have any idea then implement your idea and live your life. If you need money then you have to apply for any Pradhan Mantri rojgar yojana and you will get loan if you qualify.

Thank you, Best of Luck