Punjab BPL List 2022, Punjab Ration Card List 2022

Punjab BPL List 2019, Punjab Ration Card List 2019

BPL is a type of Ration card BPL issued to that citizens under poverty line comes government launched schemes for them and provide discount on household material.

Now Punjab government has launched smart ration card scheme under NFSA by which citizens can apply for BPL card online sitting at their homes and can obtain the profit of schemes given by the government for them.

Punjab BPL List

As we all know BPL Ration card is issued to BPL citizens so that the food grains and other provisions at a subsidised price will be provided to the poorest families.

Now, Punjab government has referred by just the schemes which were launched earlier and now launched the smart ration card scheme benefits which were given earlier are the same as now but the process of functions are different.

Earlier the BPL citizens have to show the copy of ration card to obtain ration but now there is a machine who scan the QR code of a ration card and then ration card is obtained.

About BPL Ration card in Punjab

1. Government of Punjab has launched the scheme through which BPL citizens at least get their staple food for example Aata and dal.

2. BPL citizens obtain 2 rations at a very low price.

3. Punjab government has appointed agents to deliver the provisions to the doorsteps of the recipients.

4. Under schemes family having smart ration card would be provided 2.5 kg of pulses.

5. Under the scheme the cost of wheat per kg is rupees 2.

Eligibility required in Punjab to apply for BPL card

1. The person applying should be a permanent resident of Punjab.

2. The person should not have any other type of ration card in any other state.

3. The person applying should have the annual income as less as described by the Punjab government.

4. Head of the family can apply.

5. The person applying should belong to the poverty line.

Documents required to apply for BPL card in Punjab are as follows:

1. Aadhar Card or we can say identification proof of that person is required.

2. Address proof or residential documents are required.

3. Annual income proof is required.

4. Passport size photograph of the applicant and the family is needed.

Application procedure is as follows:

1. The Eligible person has to go to taluk office for receiving the application form.

2. Then the applicant have to enter the details such as:

  • Name of the person
  • Address proof
  • Contact information
  • District name

3. Attach the photographs.

4. Attach the photo copies of the documents required to submit.

5. Submit the form and other documents.

6. After submitting form verification procedure will be conducted by the officers of Punjab government.

Many schemes launched by the Punjab government to benefit BPL some are as follows:

1. Chief Minister scholarship scheme:

Under this scheme BPL family children have given scholarship according to their skills so that they can improve their level of Living.

2. Games for distributing of whole wheat fortified Aata under tdps:

Under the scheme of particular amount of wheat Atta was provided to BPL citizens so that at least they can live a healthy life.

3. Program of mid day meals in schools:

Under the scheme government provide Mid day meals to BPL children in school.

Not only these keys but much more are also launched by Punjab government not only scheme as well as we know that we play citizens obtained ration at a very low price.

Government of Punjab is doing much work towards BPL citizens so that the poverty level should be reduced.

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