Tamil Nadu BPL List 2022, Tamil Nadu Ration Card List 2022

Tamil Nadu BPL List 2020, Tamil Nadu Ration Card List 2020

Growth is important for every country but growth does not only mean in economic terms growth should be of whole country and whole individual. 

Tamil Nadu BPL List
Tamil Nadu BPL List

Growth of every individual is possible when there is employment for every individual and government should also provide some type of help to the weaker sections of the society. 

The main aim of this is to provide equal rights to the people who can’t afford it. 

Tamil Nadu BPL List

BPL (Below poverty line) is that part of society who can’t even earn the minimum amount of income to fulfill the basic needs of his and his family.

There are many parameters by which government decides the family as BPL family and parameters of government of different states may differ. 

Tamil Nadu is the state which is working to decline the rate of percentage of BPL people in the country. The percentage rate of BPL people in Tamil Nadu is 11.28%. 

Government has provided Sanitation facility in rural areas of the state. This Scheme is called “Total Sanitation Campaign” and this scheme is launched by Rajiv Gandhi Water Mission.

In this Scheme government has provided sanitation and drinking water facility in households in rural region.

Tamil Nadu Ration Card List

This scheme is to improve the overall health and sanitation in rural areas. This scheme is now has been renamed as “Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan”.

Not only this government of Tamil Nadu has introduced many such schemes to provide financial as well as physical health aid to the poor people of the society.

Now this year the government has introduced a scheme which will benefit 60 lakhs bpl families in the state. In February, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami has allotted Rs.1200 crore for this scheme which will benefit 60 lakhs families of the state.

In this scheme every person who belongs to the BPL family will get Rs.2000 from the government as part of this scheme.

There were instructions that by filling the Aadhar Card details in the form the money will automatically credited in the bank account.

This scheme is mainly for the labourers in agriculture sector, fisheries, power loom and handloom.

This scheme will benefit 35 lakh families in rural areas and 25 lakh families in urban areas.

In 1973-74 the BPL percentage in Tamil Nadu is 54.94% and in 2011-12 it came down to 11.28%. The total number of people who belong to BPL category is 81, 38,184. 

Ration Card is made for every individual no matter whether he is rich or poor.

Ration card is used to buy ration at subsidised rate by the government. Not only for that Ration Card is an important document which is required if a person is doing a government job.

But Bhakti is made for the BPL people and people who do not belong to poor section of the society for them APL card is made. Ration card can be made online in rural and urban areas. 

As we all know that ration card is made on the basis of income and family status of the person.

And then according to that people belong to BPL and APL category is selected. The Tamil Nadu BPL list can be seen online.

Benefits of Tamil Nadu BPL

  1. Through Ration Card people can take Ration at subsidised rate by the government.
  2. Those people who have BPL ration card can easily get government jobs and their children will get a scholarship every year by the government.
  3. Person belonging to APL category will also get wheat and rice from the government side.

Tamil Nadu government is taking major steps to decline the rate of poverty in state and not only has this they are also providing aided to the family who belongs to the poorest of the poor people.

Government is also giving support to the students who belong to BPL category so that they can study and make their future better.

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