Telangana BPL List 2022, Telangana Ration Card List 2022

Telangana BPL List 2019, Telangana Ration Card List 2019

BPL list is termed as the families of Telangana which are under below poverty line come. BPL is a type of ration card which is of yellow colour through this card for his families which comes under BPL list of Telangana can obtain many prophets and benefited with many schemes also.

Telangana BPL List
Telangana BPL List

As per we know that BPL Ration card is a multi purpose legal document which is issued by State Government of Telangana it is used as identity proof and also indicates and individuals economic status which state government launched different schemes to benefit BPL citizens so that they can receive a little bit of help to improve their living standard.

A household goods which is essential is provided to BPL citizens by Telangana government in a very subsidised price so that at least they have a nutrition life.

It is based on individual annual income that the person is eligible or not.

The eligibility required is as follows:

1. Application should be and citizen of Telangana state.

2. Application should not have any other type of ration card in any other state.

3. Applicant and members who are mentioned in family should be close relatives.

4. Annual income of applicant should be as less as described by Telangana government.

5. Any member of the family should not be a doctor, engineer etc.

Some of the documents required to apply for BPL card are as follows:

1. Identification proof of the applicant.

2. Information about family members.

3. Annual income certificate of the applicant.

4. Address verification proof.

5. Photograph of applicant.

6. Bank passbook.

Along with form and attaching documents the applicant have to pay a basic minimum fees along with application form after submit application form documents and fees the verification starts around 30 days are taken for the verification process.

If in a case after verification information given found wrong at that point applicant is liable for criminal prosecution and given a punishment.

If we have to check our name in BPL list we can check it online also Telangana government has provided facility to check it by sitting home by this there is no need to stand in Big lines.

Steps are taken to eradicate some level of poverty from Telangana few are as follows:

The Kalyana Lakshmi Mubarak scheme was launched by Telangana government under which government of Telangana provides financial help to parents of poor girls to get them married.

It was said by legislative assembly that this scheme would help eliminate child marriage in the long run.

I scheme was launched in Telangana for the Welfare of women under which amount of rupees 1000 was decided to provide single women as a monthly pension and it was also announced by Telangana government that residential educational institutions would take in children of single women without them having to write an exam.

 From financial inclusion to better health care these government backward schemes are helping to improve the overall quality of life for society’s less fortunate population.

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