Uttarakhand BPL List 2022, Uttarakhand Ration Card List 2022

Uttarakhand BPL List 2021, Uttarakhand Ration Card List 2021

Under BPL list citizens of Uttarakhand which belongs to the poorest families comes the type of ration card which is yellow in colour the people holding BPL cards have many

benefits but to obtain BPL card is not an easy task for getting it there are a lot of formalities and that person should be eligible only after that a

Uttarakhand BPL List 2021
Uttarakhand BPL List 2021

person can obtain BPL card BPL card is issued by the department of government.

Before some time there was a lot of corruption under the sector the citizens who were not eligible for holding BPL card whereas the citizens which were eligible and need

Many government shopkeeper had given rational in and wrong price where is government provide it in a very subsidized price because of that much corruption now Uttarakhand government has issued

new BPL list so that citizens which were wrongly added will be removed.

A lot of work towards that type of corruption has been done by Uttarakhand government so that families obtain the prophet they deserve so that the corruption should decrease at

For issuing BPL card some eligibilities are required which are as follows:

1. A person should be a permanent resident of Uttarakhand.

2. That person should not hold any other type of ration card.

3. Annual income of the person should be less than 10000.

4. Any member from the family should not be doctor engineer or under Consumer Affairs department etc.

6. Age of the person should be 18 or more.

7. That person should not migrate from one place to another.

8. Whole family of the person to come under the poverty line.

Government has provided benefits to BPL card people holding card can obtain ration in a very subsidized price government launches a lot of steam to provide some profit to BPL

so that they got some help to earn their livelihood.

Scheme named Atul Ayushman UttarakhandYojana was launched by the government under which the family who has BPL card can obtain treatment of amount 5,00,000 free of cost annually because the

poorest families are not able to afford that was expenses so this scheme has been launched for them.

Scheme named SwarnaJayanti gram swarozgar Yojana has been launched under which government has decided to provide assistance to the poorest families for taking up self employment by this the families

come under poverty line can obtain some help at the level.

There is a big procedure of applying for BPL card post to apply for BPL card was hard work they have to stand in in Big lines have to move

here and there but now they can apply online by sitting home government has introduced easy methods to apply now government has done this because Uttarakhand comes under poorest States.

Now a person can apply and also check their name in BPL list online.

Government of Uttarakhand has launched many schemes because as income under the poor States schemes are launched so that at some level the poverty will decrease and poor can

As we have read that BPL card is a very beneficial card.

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